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Zimmerman Truck Lines, Inc.

190 East Industrial Drive
Mifflintown PA 17059
Tel: 717-436-2141
Fax: 717-436-6101

P.O. Box 130
Mifflintown, PA 17059

Van Division

Tel: 1 800-999-2707
Fax: 717-436-6101


Flat Bed Division

Tel: 1 800-997-2707
Fax: 717-436-6836



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Truck Driving Jobs

Click below for an employment application.Truck Driver Sign On Bonus

 All Benefits apply to all drivers! Details regarding benefits package can be discussed at interview.

 Medical Benefits
Geisinger Insurance, National Vision Administrators, United Concordia Dental Plan. This is effective 14 days after your date of hire. All employees can choose between an HMO plan or a PPO plan. All details will be explained during the actual job interview.

Geisinger $25.00 Co-Pay for PCP Visit

Deductible - $1000 Indiv, $2000 Family

HMO Single Plan - $39.11 Weekly
HMO Two Party Plan - $90.60 Weekly
HMO Family Plan - $110.10 Weekly

PPO Single Plan - $56.04 Weekly
PPO Two Party Plan - $104.46 Weekly
PPO Family Plan - $123.96 Weekly

 401K Retirement Plan is automatically deducted from your paycheck on the first of the month following your first day of work. Click here to read our 401K Disclosure Form in PDF format.

 Bereavement Pay

 Driver Referral Bonus ($500 per referral, except $1000 for every third referral, per year)

 Company Paid Life Insurance
Effective after 12 months of employment.
$10,000 Coverage for Natural Death
$20,000 Coverage for Accidental Death

 Quarterly Performance Bonuses are paid based on safety, fuel mileage, fuel compliance, and miles/revenue.

 Paid Vacation:
1 week after 1 year of employment
2 weeks after 3 years of employment
3 weeks after 10 years of employment

 Employee Christmas Party (for employees and spouses only)

Truck Driving Jobs

Be Part of Our Team!  Flat Bed Division
Earn between $45,000 and $70,000 per year -- it's really up to you!

 $2500 sign-on bonus first half after two weeks; second half in six months with good driving record.

 Side-kit breakdown pay

 Detention pay & layover pay if applicable

 Extra pay for pick-ups & stop-offs

 Paid Holidays

 You may be able to stop at your home through the week if it is not out-of-route, but you will definitely be home on weekends (unless traveling away from home)

 May be home late Friday/early Saturday and then leave Sunday

 Main Travel Lanes - Illinois to New England and to the southeast

Be Part of Our Team!  Van Division/Teams
Up to $115,000 per year for teams and $66,000 for a single driver.

 $1500 sign-on bonus (single or team) first half after two weeks; second half in six months with good driving record.

 Extra pay for pick-ups & stop-offs

 Detention pay & layover pay if applicable

 Some freight is drop & hook at our yards, while there will be times you will have to make multiple pick-ups & stop-offs.

 Some freight we have is driver unload, most is not. Lumpers are hired whenever possible, but on rare occasions, you may have to be paid to load or unload freight.

 Teams can easily average 5200 miles a week and be back home only after every 5th or 6th day out. Don't believe us? Talk to any driver from ZTL and they will tell you it is true!

 Main Travel Lanes - northeast (mainly DE/PA/NJ/NY) to Arizona, California & Washington State. Back to the northeast or Georgia from the west.

Truck Driving in Central PA

Professional Drivers Wanted! We want to find professionals who are a good fit for our company.

We rarely, but sometimes go into New York City and surrounding boroughs.

We do not bull@&$* you and tell you what you want to hear -- we tell you the truth!

To be realistic, there will be times you might be unhappy where you are delivering, but we do our very best to make sure no one bears a greater share than anyone else.

We will work with you and your family for appointments, holidays, vacations, etc.

Rider program available - Certain age and seasonal restrictions apply.

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